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Ciabot Tanasio, an antique name encompassing more than 70 years of history made by the Sobrero family, attentively working the vineyards of the rolling Castiglione hills to obtain their delicate nectar and transform it into wine. The tradition has been passed along the generations and now sees the offspring of Francesco Sobrero take an active part in the company, enriched by the third generation. A winery dynamic and in step with the times.

Sobrero Winery: passion, love and tradition. An increasing passion, a love that continues to grow stronger, and a great tradition closely tied to the land and the territory. Three words, three “creeds,” that merge and exist for one purpose only: excellence in wine. Since the 1940’s and the efforts of the grandfather Francesco, the vital breath of the Sobrero Winery continues to be reinforced. From the 1960’s with Settimo and Pier Franco, and Flavio since 2000, the winery has experienced years of continuous growth: from the sale of bulk to bottled wine, from the purchase of new vineyards to the expansion into export markets. The wines produced by the Sobrero family are a constantly ascending parabola, a symbol of the modernity that crosses time without erasing its foundation, the tradition that accompanies the work in the vineyard and the cellar, step after step.


Sixteen hectares: 13 located in Castiglione Falletto, where the red wines are born and where grapes grow from the beating heart of the Barolo area. Unique, real and fascinating: the soil in Castiglione Falletto is at the very centre of the stunning Langa territory’s great wines. The remaining hectares of vineyard are located in Canelli, dedicated to the cultivation of the Moscato grape, enriching an already important range of wines.

Passion, love and tradition merge in the working of the land, sites of several “Cru” wines, Barolo, Barbera and Dolcetto, rendered distinctive by specific characteristics, perfumes and tastes. Villero, Pernanno, Ornato, Piantà, Valentino and Parussi: six magnificent “Cru” wines coming from various areas, giving life to excellent wine. The unique and splendid soil composition, made up of yellow-reddish sands alternated with grey marl from the Helvetian-Tortonian period, is rich in minerals and a sign of the once-present warm sea waters that left their mark on the earth and bestow man with the gift of a great wine.


This is the “cradle” where the wine is cared for with gentleness. After the harvest, it is here that the work of growth and maturation continues. The winery is divided into the fermentation area, where the “nectar of the gods” is vinified, and the ageing area, in which the wine rests in Slavonian and French oak casks (from 25 to 45 hl capacity) to exalt its characteristics. The constant temperature control throughout the life of the wine allows Barolo to retain the greatness for which it so well known and the younger wines their freshness and unmistakable aroma. The bottle is stocked in the warehouse, the final symbol of a wine now ready to be tasted and enjoyed.

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