Barolo Chinato

Barolo Chinato

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Production method: Standard base-Barolo aged three years is given a 40-day infusion with an alcohol compound of 30 essences, both herbs

and spices. The mixture is then filtered and the aromatic compound is added to the wine, which requires two months to achieve a harmonious

absorption. It is then bottled.

Sensory description: A lively, sparkling cherry-ruby in appearance. On the nose sweetish, but not cloying, due to a powerful aromatic charge

of spice, with rhubarb, cinchona, and cinnamon particularly evident, complementing heady, youthful fragrances. Cherry and liquored dried

plum infuse the palate, which shows good balance and a measured sweetness that stays well within bounds. Serving suggestions: Ideal as a

digestive agent, and as an accompaniment to chocolate sweets and petits fours.

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