The Cellar

The cradle where wine is gently pampered.

After the harvest, this is where the work of growth and maturation continues.

Over the years, the winery has been modernized and, while respecting tradition, technology has found its proper dimension to make its contribution in terms of wine quality.

The controlled temperature on the two floors of the cellar is a good example of this.

The wine grows in the premises adjacent to the house, and there are three areas dedicated to it.

After crushing, work is done in the fermentation and winemaking area where the nectar of the grape begins to undergo the first processes that prepare it for drinking.

In the aging area, the basement almost jealously guards the Sobrero treasure.

Here the renowned Crü take shape in the fine Slavonian Oak barrels, almost in religious silence to contemplate the maturation of the wine.

After bottling, the storage area welcomes bottles ready to be released to the market. Nothing is left to chance: the selection of bottle samples (about two hundred) on the Crü, held in a specific room for aging, allow the wine to be studied and tasted with specialists in the field.

Another hallmark for the pursuit of quality.