The Family

"Ciabot Tanasio, a pearl born from a passion for wine."

The history book of the Sobrero winery begins in 1940: the protagonist is the figure of grandfather Francesco, who grows grapes and sells them until the 1960s, when with the enthusiasm of young Settimo and Pier Franco, winemaking began.

The wine is sold in bulk and in bottles, and the first Barolo label is dated 1964.

Vintages passed, accompanied by steady growth with the gradual acquisition of new land to form the current sixteen hectares, enriched in 2008 by Moscato vineyards in Canelli.

In 2000 came a new signing, that of Flavio, Settimo’s son who, thanks to his studies from enotecnico, helps the winery to grow in the sign of that tradition that marries the modernity of technology, in order to make the quality of the wines ever greater since the grapes, treated in the vine with low environmental impact products certified in recent years by the transition to agriculture biological.

The Sobrero Company’s policy is immediately rewarded by the market: since the 1990s, demand in Italy has been growing, and since 1994, overseas has become a reality.

To date, 26 countries in the world marry the flavor of Sobrero’s signature wine in haute cuisine restaurant channels.